Site Update Log

Removed Oktoberfest and Krampus Abend flyers from the upcoming events page
Added Youtube video links for the Kreuz Koenig and Schlechinger Marschplattler

Added new Krampus Abend flyer image to the upcoming events page and removed info about previous Oktoberfest engagements.

10/6/16 Update
Added Youtube video link for the Dreisteirer on the Dances List with Video Links page

8/30/16 Update
Repair – Fixed link to Angels Stadium Oktoberfest 2014 gallery page

8/29/16 Update
Page Update – “Upcoming Events” – added Oktoberfest performance information and flyer

7/27/16 Update
New – “Sommer Bierfest 2016” photo gallery added to site
New – “Event Photo Galleries” page created and published
New – “Site Update Log” page created and published
Menu Update – Removed link buttons for individual event photo galleries
Menu Update – Added “Events Photo Galleries” link button
Menu Update – “Site Update Log” link button added under Vorstand