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  1. Good Afternoon Friends
    The “Lustigen Bayerischen Schuhplattler” from Las Vegas are inquiring about Bockbierfest 2015.
    We are unable to participate at the Bezirksfest, but would like to come to Bockbierfest.

    Are you planing dance performances / participation of other dance groups at the 2015 Bockbierfest?

    Thank you
    Reiner Knopp
    Die Lustigen Bayrischen Schuhplattler / Las Vegas

    • Sorry it has taken us so long to reply. Yes, other groups may participate at our Bockbierfest as has traditionally been done over the years. Your group is signed up to attend and we can’t wait to see you all!

  2. Hello Die Gemutlichen Schuhplattler Anaheim,

    Just a note to wish you a successful 2nd Annual Bezirkfest
    this weekend.

    Sorry, no members of Almenrausch SF can make it down
    but many issues from many members with small kids, hard
    to get away, others with work issues, others with health
    issues, and one family with very sick father. I have work
    to deal with and the last concert of the Pete Escovedo Orchestra.
    I do lots of work for professional musicians, dancers, actors, artists etc.

    Mit Trachtengruss
    James Zimmermann – Vorstand
    Almenrausch Schuhplattler
    San Francisco, CA

    • Thank you James for your kind wishes! We hope you can make it to the next Bezirksfest and wish your Verein all the best.

      Lisa Emmerling

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